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Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi’s Favourite Food

Despite their hate or rivalry on and off the pitch, these two rival have at least 2 things in common : a love for their mom, and their cooking.

Cristiano once said that nobody can cook as well as his mother, and his favourite meals is Dolly’s grilled cod, a dish that he can’t resist.

Macaroni and Portuguese stew are also his favorites. However, he tries to keep his figure fit by not overdo it with foods.

And for Lio Messi, this mama’s boy love a special meals served by his mom Celia, a chicken fried steak with Neapolitan fries. If you like to try the dish, it’s very simple.
Fry the breaded cutlets, while preparing the tomato sauce. Then put the chicken in the oven with the sauce, mozzarella cheese and ham. Finally, add oregano and pepper for the taste. Served it with potatoes or rice.

Messi is also a fan of chocolate and strawberry ice cream and croissants. (wish I can see him eating ice-cream in a cone)

With these kind of food, they grew as the 2 most famous football star.