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Barcelona is a Racist Team ??

I’m not a fan of Barcelona, so maybe it’s a little bias to mention about Barcelona’s player racist behaviour.
Although we never actually have the prove about the real thing, but after the THIRD racist incident this year,  I think something is definitely wrong here.

The first this year was when Busquets was accused to insult Marcelo with “monkey” name on Champions League semi-final last season.
The second time, was when David Villa, the player who usually talk less on the match, insulted Mesut Ozil with God-knows-what, but later media mentioned that Villa called him “Nazi” -or insulting his religion.

And the latest was on last Sunday, when Kanoute from Sevilla had a fight with Fabregas. Kanoute later apologized for the incident, and saying that his action was because of Fabregas provocation and insults.
Although Fabregas denied the accusation, the media wrote that Fabregas called him “black piece of S**T” .

I know Barcelona was full of fantastic players, but their ambition to win all the competition has create a new personality, and they started to show unsportive behaviour. And insulting the opponent are the safest way to create controversy, to kick the player out from the match, without even get caught since they basically can just deny the accusation.

One thing for sure, if you watch the video below, you can see that there’s no way Kanoute would get that angry if Fabregas had not said anything at him.